Assessing Your Business

About this toolkit

Small businesses are still trying to navigate COVID-19’s ‘new realities’ and are forced to make tough decisions every day. Searching through a vast amount of information can be difficult and time-consuming. With this toolkit, we aim to provide you with questions to help you understand where your business stands, give you easy access to curated resources to make informed decisions, and get you started with improving your business to adapt to the current environment. We don’t claim to know everything—this is a living toolkit that we plan to expand and add new resources to as we move forward.

The map below is designed to help you reflect on the current state of your business. After determining where your business stands, click one of the two buttons below to find additional resources.

Business Journey Map

Making Tough Decisions

Hopefully, by reflecting and answering the questions above, you have a clearer picture of where your business stands. Now comes the tough decision – based on your self-reflection, will you continue your business or pause/fold your business?

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