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Entrepreneurs are everywhere in our communities. They come from different walks of life, generations, communities, ethnicities, and industries. They are the dreamers, the makers, and the most resilient. In 2020, we witnessed the entrepreneurs in our community continue to build, disrupt, and persevere every day. Last year was a test for many, but for our Ascender entrepreneurs, it was a new challenge to tackle. What does innovation look like in times of crisis? For our 2020–2021 Ascender Incubatees, it looks like this.


The Problem: LittleMoochi surveyed 120 parents and more than 90% shared that their children are picky eaters. Most of the time, children want to choose sugary foods over greens and vegetables. On a broader issue, Obesity now affects 1 in 5 children and adolescents in the United States. While childhood obesity is a complex issue, excess consumption of high calorie and low nutrient foods and beverages can be a factor that contributes to childhood obesity. Learning to eat healthy at a young age can help people develop healthy eating habits that will benefit them in the long term.

The Solution: LittleMoochi is an app that helps children develop healthy eating habits by “raising” an AI-powered digital pet. A child adopts a Moochi pet and ‘feeds’ it by simply snapping a photo of what the child eats. Moochi’s growth and interaction with the child, in turn, motivate the child to learn about healthy foods and develop positive eating habits.

Updates from LittleMoochi:

LittleMoochi’s platform

Interested in encouraging your little ones to raise a digital Moochi pet? Learn more and download LittleMoochi here.


The Problem: Lack of knowledge and strategies of how to manage personal finances is a major significant issue that affects many. In 2019, 59% of adults in the U.S. admitted to living paycheck to paycheck, 38% of U.S. households have credit card debt, and one-quarter of non-retired Americans say they have no retirement savings. Even though there is a great need for financial literacy and planning, 99% of Americans don’t use financial advisors, even though research shows it will help address many of these issues.

The Solution: With MoneyStack, users don’t need to be millionaires to have a financial advisor. MoneyStack’s app allows users to build their own answers to financial questions. The app combines the best of /r/personalfinance and Weight Watchers to help users achieve their financial goals with support from their group. In addition, the platform also connects users with a vetted financial professional for a second opinion with the simple tap of a button.

Updates from MoneyStack:

A look at how MoneyStack’s chatbot works.

Interact with MoneyStack’s financial chatbot and get your financial questions answered here.

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