Ascender Blog Attending In-Person Events

The internet is invaluable. It’s how we do pretty much everything. This should be obvious if you are reading this post on a computer or phone. You are sitting at your desk or at a coffee shop or at home gleaning information in relative isolation. This scenario is more than prevalent for many of us. It is oftentimes ideal. There is no need to interact with others face-to-face, the information is right there in front of you, at your disposal. From articles to webinars, some entrepreneurs try to run a company without ever seeing another human being. However, relying too heavily on digital information does any entrepreneur or professional a major disservice. It’s time to start getting out into the world and attend some in-person events.

No matter where you live and work, there are sure to be myriad public events from which to choose. Events, seminars, and lectures are a crucial part of your own professional development as well as the livelihood of your company. Here are just a few reasons we why believe in-person events are still the way to go.

The Original Interactive Experience

The content you take from the web is mostly static. In other words, that article you found on LinkedIn will be the exact same a week from when you read it. Even the more interactive online media have their limitations. Webinars end when you will close the window. Email and chats are two-dimensional volley.

Conversely, attending an event or presentation offers a dynamic learning experience with real live people. The presentor, or panel, or whichever format the event is has the ability to interact with an audience. The audience is able to interact with each other. Being there for an in-person event grants you the opportunity to ask the specific questions you might have and gain the information most relevant to you. When you rely too heavily on online (this post aside, of course), you also rely on information that is not dynamic in the moment.

An Opportunity to Network

We’ve written specifically about attending networking events in the past, but these apply to any type of event of conference. Meeting people face-to-face is much more advantageous than constant digital communication. In addition to remembering more from in-person encounters, there is more flexibility and as mentioned above, the opportunity to really dig into the topics and issues that concern you. For example, maybe that handshake turns into coffee, which then turns into a meaningful partnership.

Conversely, in-person events are also an opportunity for people to meet you and your business. Without the confines of a webinar or chat, you will come off as yourself. No more hiding behind a screen. Your presence also demonstrates your personal and company brand are committed to an active role in your local business community. Sometimes simply being seen at the right event is the best advertising.

Attend In-Person Events at Ascender

Ascender events and programs cover a wide array of topics and span just as many formats. With monthly themes, each event aims to help you and your entity gain meaningful insights and expand your knowledge of the entrepreneurial world. Our event series include:

  • Ascender Starters Series

The Starters Series at Ascender provides a first look into the most crucial elements of starting a business or organization. In line with our monthly themes, the Starters Series targets individuals and entities from ideation to early execution, providing a compelling educational experience on each curated topic.

  • Ascender Builders Series

Our Builders Series is hyperfocused on helping individuals and entities strengthen their existing organizations. With the help of cross-industry experts, educators, and hand picked mentors, the Builders Series takes a deep dive into the most pressing issues that face growing companies in the Pittsburgh area.

Additionally, we partner with other organizations in the community to offer a variety of events that dive into an array of cross-industry topics. Visit our calendar for a full list of events.

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of getting out there and learning from others. Attending an in-person event can be a crucial component for not only your personal and professional development, but the success of your company as well.