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MARCH 2021


As an entrepreneur, your personal brand becomes part of your business’s identity. A founder’s personal brand is on display at every meeting, phone call, Tweet, or Linkedin connection with prospective investors, talent, and clients. Anyone with a smartphone can create a ‘brand,’ but the most successful startups and small businesses incorporate their values and purpose into every aspect of their messaging and marketing. In March, we’ll cover digital media content creation, marketing, online engagement metrics, and ways to become a branding hero.

Our virtual events and curated resources will help you:

  • Gain tools to improve your personal brand and online presence
  • Create engaging content that is purpose-driven
  • Learn how to analyze your digital marketing performance
  • Build your marketing plan and strategy for the rest of the year 


Dare to Do Things Differently

Led by Jordon Rooney, Founder & CEO at NFBD and Built Different, this interactive presentation helped early-stage and growing startup founders take bold steps to build a personal brand in a digital age. Click Watch to view a recording of the event. 

Real Talk – Let’s Talk About Marketing

Real Talk is an engaging discussion series where people can join, connect with, and ask questions of startup founders, professionals, and investors. This month, we chatted about marketing with Kyshira S. Moffett and Meredith Meyer Grelli. Click Watch to view a recording of the event.


> A lot has changed in the past year, but Jordon Rooney’s 2020 Social Media Playbook can still help you pick up some new tips and adopt the best mindset for marketing your business.

> Create a purpose-driven brand that reflects their company’s values.

> Review our webinar recap for tips from Sophia Fang on how to market your business online.

> Check out your competitors’ ads and get inspiration for your own content.
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Take a look at Shopify’s marketing checklist for new entrepreneurs covering topics like guerilla marketing and suggestions on how to spend your first $100 on Google Ads.

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