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No matter the size, stage, or industry of your startup, planning is essential to the success of your business. Dedicating time to plan for a new year or an upcoming project can improve your productivity, provide a reference point to track progress, and compel you to rethink how your actions contribute to your long-term business goals. Similarly, creating a realistic and accurate budget cannot be overstated when it comes to planning for the future. We’re kicking off 2021 by focusing on the importance of planning and developing a strong financial foundation for the next year.

Our virtual events and curated resources will help you:

  • Make an action plan for 2021
  • Build your foundation for tax season and beyond
  • Develop KPIs to track your business performance and progress
  • Generate a budget that provides your company with a foundation for growth


Getting Ready for Tax Season

This interactive workshop, led by Carissa Habsburg of Sisterson & Co. LLP, covered practical tax and accounting considerations new and existing businesses should consider as they prepare for this year’s tax season. Click Watch to view a recording of the event.

Using a Financial Analysis Approach to Plan

This interactive workshop, led by Jonnet Solomon, Founder of Booxmart, and helped early-stage and growing startups understand the importance of budgeting and how to build a strategic business plan that focuses on growth. Click Watch to view a recording of the event.


> Get busy budgeting with the handful of templates provided by Jonnet.

Review Carissa’s list of important takeaways from her January 19th presentation.

> Learn how to set up key performance indicators (KPIs), define goals, and track progress.
Video | Slides | Worksheet

> Get organized by implementing the Kanban or other lean management method to improve your work processes.

> Put your plan on paper (or in a spreadsheet) to assign responsibilities and track progress.

> Read our Medium post on how to access business resources with your Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh library card.

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