See how the Center for Empathy Education & Allelo are building their business to address this.

Entrepreneurs are everywhere in our communities. They come from different walks of life, generations, communities, ethnicities, and industries. They are the dreamers, the makers, and the most resilient. In 2020, we witnessed the entrepreneurs in our community continue to build, disrupt, and persevere every day. Last year was a test for many, but for our Ascender entrepreneurs, it was a new challenge to tackle. What does innovation look like in times of crisis? For our 2020–2021 Ascender Incubatees, it looks like this.

Center for Empathy Education (CEE)

The Problem: A toxic workplace environment is a serious problem because it is harmful to people and businesses. Dysfunctional workplaces inhibit workers from achieving intended outcomes and can lead to high employee turnover. According to SHRM report, “The High Cost of a Toxic Workplace Culture: How Culture Impacts the Workforce — and the Bottom Line,” 58 percent of employees who quit a job due to workplace culture say that their managers are the main reason they left. The same study reports that over the past five years, the cost of turnover due to workplace culture in the U.S amounted to $223 billion.

The Solution: The Center for Empathy Education (CEE) provides emotional intelligence professional development rooted in cognitive psychology, rather than business etiquette. CEE utilizes tools, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT), that have undergone hundreds of studies over decades of research. The company offers consulting services — in-person workshops, webinars, independent coaching, and access to an online learning platform to address workplace challenges.

Updates from CEE:

Improve your employee retention and customer interactions by connecting with CEE for more information.

CEE’s methodology (photo taken from the company’s website)

Allelo (previously Convertsation)

The problem: Fostering the development of open-minded, healthy, and productive discourse skills is critical for our society to flourish… across the classroom, social media, and professional environments. What we see on social media, the news and video calls show we have a long way to go. Currently, there isn’t an effective solution that can offer real-time feedback on our communication effectiveness in an idea-sharing setting.

The Solution: Allelo, An AI-based platform, teaches individuals how to participate in productive discourse while offering organizations and classrooms engagement metrics that promote equitable participation.

Updates from Allelo:

How the Allelo platform works.

Start sharing ideas and improve group discussion by requesting an Allelo demo here.

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