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Pittsburgh boasts 9 teams advancing across 3 XPRIZE competitions

Congratulations are in order! Over the past year, we’ve been thrilled to work with XPRIZE, supporting the amazing work they do in designing and implementing global incentive competitions to solve the world’s grandest challenges.   Over that time, Pittsburgh has further proven its success as a hub… Read more »

Meet Ascender Incubation Program Alumni

Meet Our Incubator Alumni – Rhabit, CameroonFDP & Knotzland

At Ascender, we often use the term, “industry agnostic,” to describe the type of companies that come through our annual incubator program. But that’s just fancy way of saying Ascender welcomes all types of companies, of all shapes and sizes — including nonprofits, social enterprises… Read more »

Ascender After Your First Networking Event

After Your First Networking Event

In previous posts, we’ve gone over how to prepare for your first networking event as well as what to expect and do once you are there. However, just because the networking event is done, it does not mean your work is over. Knowing what to… Read more »

Ascender First Networking Event

During Your First Networking Event

In a previous blog, we discussed some of the best ways to prepare for your first networking event. Now that you’ve done all the research to ensure you’re maximizing your networking experience, it’s time to actually do it. Feeling a bit overwhelmed once you arrive… Read more »

Ascender Blog How to Prepare For First Networking Event

Before Your First Networking Event

Networking is a crucial component to any entrepreneur’s success, yet there are no boxes to check off or steps to take that end with a successful networking gold star. How you choose to go about networking is up to you. The only thing you need… Read more »

Ascender Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity: Learn How in 5 Easy Steps

Personal productivity can be a tricky term to define, and it often means something different to every individual. While maintaining productivity is an important step for any company, the responsibility falls on everyone. If you’ve ever applied for a job, there’s a good chance you’ve… Read more »

Ascender Online Tools

Online Tools to Boost Your Company’s Web Presence

No matter the size of your company, productivity is always tantamount to success. Even if you’re a freelancer, taking the time to ensure you’re organized and on top of everything can drastically improve your workflow. While everyone has his or her preferred styles and practices… Read more »

Ascender East End Pittsburgh Coworking

Coworking in Pittsburgh’s East End

Pittsburgh has certainly become a hub for many different industries over the past few years. Specifically, it’s become one of the best places for startups and working remotely. Whether you’re a lifelong resident of the ‘Burgh or a more recent transplant, you know each area… Read more »

Ascender 4 Reasons to Ditch the Coffee Shop

Ditch the Coffee Shop for a Creative Workspace

Every writer needs that perfect space in which to work. However, finding it can be a bit more challenging. Many writers opt for the classic (if not cliche) coffee shop because it offers a seemingly ideal balance of focus and activity. In other words, few… Read more »

Ascender Know Your Startup Positions

Know Your Role: Key Personnel for Your Startup or Satellite Office

Your company clearly understands the problem you aim to solve, developed the product, created an efficient go-to-market strategy and scraped together some capital, but what about human capital? Knowing how to structure your startup’s team is crucial to early success—especially in a satellite office. In… Read more »

Ascender Thrive Working Remotely

How to Thrive When Working Remotely

It doesn’t matter if you’re working for an established Fortune 500 or a recent startup company. More and more employees are  transitioning from a “traditional” office environment to working remotely. For some, these means a satellite location as part of a small team while others… Read more »

Ascender Best Coworking Experience

Getting the Most out of Your Ascender Coworking Experience

If you’re not used to it, adjusting to an open, collaborative office space can feel a bit overwhelming. Maybe you’re an individual transitioning from a home office, or maybe a small company or part of company looking for a new, more flexible space. Whatever the… Read more »