Ascender Personal Productivity

Personal productivity can be a tricky term to define, and it often means something different to every individual. While maintaining productivity is an important step for any company, the responsibility falls on everyone. If you’ve ever applied for a job, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the phrase “self-starter” in at least a few job descriptions. Maintaining, and improving, your personal productivity goes a long way to ensuring you fulfill this area of your duties.

Why take it upon yourself to stay productive? It may sound like a ridiculous, but unless you actually like being constantly micromanaged, you’re going to need to take matters into your own hands.

1. Know When You’re Most Productive

If you’re lucky enough to work somewhere with flexible hours, take advantage of it! The whole 9-to-5 workday is quickly going the way of the buffalo. Are you a morning person? Try using those hours for work. You might surprise yourself by how much more focused you are at 7:30 a.m. Conversely, maybe you’re more of a night owl and those solo tasks are best completed after the sun goes down. Know yourself and when you will be most productive.

2. Give Yourself a Break

Overworking isn’t going to do you, your team, or your clients any favors. Working too hard can lead to burnout, and then you’re even less productive than ever! Give yourself brain breaks throughout the day. Depending on what’s acceptable for your company, maybe this means switching tasks, scrolling through social media, or simply taking a quick walk.

Furthermore, if you have vacation days, use them! According to a report by Project: Time Off, American workers squandered a record-setting 658 million vacation days in 2015. Everyone deserves a break now and again. Even if you’re not planning any special trips, there’s no shame in spending a day lounging around the house watching Netflix. You deserve it!

3. Limit Online Distractions

Open up your browser history and see which sites you visit the most. Is the list conducive to a productive workday? If not, it might be time to reassess. Again, you know your own limits. If that social media tab is too enticing, just close it. Still tempted to type in the URL? There are plenty of personal site blockers to eliminate these distractions. You can even set certain time parameters so you can hop back on before and after work—those Buzzfeed articles aren’t going anywhere.

In case you’re tempted to circumvent your computer with your phone, have no fear. There are plenty of iOS and Android apps ready to pick up where your browser left off. Okay, so some of them are intended to keep children away from certain sites, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

4. Plan Out Your Week

One of the best ways to combat distraction and give your productivity a boost is planning out your week. List everything you hope to accomplish in five days’ time and hold yourself accountable. You might be thinking, “oh, best laid plans…” and so forth. Try teaming up with a co-worker, serving as one another’s productivity buddy. Share your weekly to-do list and check in at the end of the day or week. Make it a game or competition if that helps you stay on track. For example, whoever accomplishes fewer items on their list buys a round at happy hour.

As with every other aspect of daily life, there are tons of sites, apps, and softwares ready to help you keep track of your goals and stay productive. If the idea of another platform doesn’t thrill you, try going the analog route and going back to a good, old-fashioned planner or journal. Bullet journals are all the rage right now, helping you stay productive in a pretty aesthetically pleasing way.

5. Practice Productivity Outside of Work

Forming better habits shouldn’t stop when your work day is over. Taking your newfound productivity home is a great way to exercise these muscles. You can apply any of the previous steps to your home life. Make a list of weekly tasks for things like chores and yardwork. Anything you can accomplish can go on a list. Plus, is there any better feeling than checking an item off a list?

Bring Your Personal Productivity to Ascender

You might think that operating out of a coworking space might not be the most productive environment. Well, you’d be wrong. Ascender’s atmosphere is specifically designed to help you get the most out of your workday. From super-fast Internet, conference rooms and meeting areas standing by, and a full kitchen all at your disposal, you’ll actually look forward to coming into work.

Whether you’re in need of an individual workspace or need a new office for your small team, we’ve got the space for you. All you have to do is show up and be productive. For more information and to book a tour of Ascender, or click the button below. If you’re not sure about reaching out yet, walk through our space with the below virtual tour.