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JUNE 2021


Sorry for the cliche, but the adage still holds true: “It takes money to make money.” As an entrepreneur, funding your business is a top priority. It’s also a complicated and often overwhelming experience. But it doesn’t have to be. There isn’t a single answer to how you should secure funding for your small business or who you should talk to for investing in your startup. Still, there are important considerations every entrepreneur should be aware of. Keep in mind that how you choose to finance your business (and who you decide to accept money from) will impact how your business is organized and managed. In June, we’ll help you make the money moves you need to thrive by outlining action steps to raise funds and elevate your financial success.

Our virtual events and curated resources will help you:

  • Determine your business’ capital requirements and whether outside funding is necessary and appropriate
  • Analyze the pros and cons of different funding options, including venture capital, angel investors, loans, grants, and other sources
  • Acquire best practices for identifying, approaching, and fostering relationships with potential investors


Ready to Raise Funds?

Led by serial entrepreneurs, Christine Ferguson-Rau and Craig Markovitz, this interactive webinar covered the pros and cons of different funding sources and strategies to develop a fundraising plan that is actionable, appropriate, and reaches the right people. Click Watch to view a recording of the presentation.

Real Talk with Investors

Real Talk is an engaging discussion series where people can join, connect with, and ask questions of startup founders, professionals, and investors. This month, we chatted about venture capital, startup investing, and fundraising with Kathryn Cartini and Evan J. Segal. Click Watch to view a recording of the discussion.


> Review Christine’s presentation and checklist to help you prepare to raise capital for your startup.
Presentation | Checklist

> Read our Medium post recapping our chat with Pittsburgh-based startup investor Will Allen.

> Picture the fundraising process as a meal. Here are the 5 courses you need to prepare to be fundraise-ready.

> Spend time with this non-obvious playbook to fundraising for founders from NFX, a seed and Series A venture capital firm.

> Take a look at this presentation from Jenny Fielding of Techstars New York, on how to build an investor pipeline spreadsheet.
Presentation | Template

> Sort through these lists of VC firms and investors as you start to build out your fundraising pipeline. 
OpenVC | VC Rank | David Chang’s Investor List

Make sure you have this guide to seed fundraising from Y Combinator, bookmarked, starred, and favorited on your laptop.

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