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JULY 2021


In a perfect world, your products and services would sell themselves. Unfortunately, we’re still looking for that ideal place (hit us up if you have a map), so in the meantime, your business needs to make time to formulate and implement a sales strategy that matches your needs, priorities, and goals. As with most plans, you need to think strategically and prepare technically. From prospecting for leads to following up with closed deals, every step is critical to your business’s success. And, remember that your sales process is only as good as your sales team—even if it is only a one-person team! In July, we’ll get you ready to start up your sales and close those deals by pushing you to define, refine, and report on your sales strategy and processes. 

Our virtual events and curated resources will help you:

  • Understand the differences between sales and marketing and how to prioritize sales for your startup or small business
  • Establish a sales strategy that quickly and efficiently identifies, qualifies, develops, and closes sales opportunities
  • Develop scalable sales processes that will allow your team to expand and enhance the customer experience as your company grows


Developing A Sales Strategy

Led by Steve Kelly, President of ExSELLyst, this interactive workshop helped startup founders & small business owners establish a sales strategy that quickly and efficiently identifies, qualifies, develops, and closes more sale opportunities than competitors. Click Watch to view a recording of the workshop and check out the handout below.

Define, Scale, & Report On Your Sales Process

Led by Jack Eckblad, Head of Strategic Partnerships in the Midwest for the HubSpot for Startups program, this workshop challenged startup teams & entrepreneurs to think critically about scaling their sales process and spotting points of friction as they grow. Click View to check out the slides from the workshop.


> Work through the handout that accompanies our workshop with Steve Kelly on developing a sales strategy.

> Review the slides from our workshop presented by HubSpot for Startups on defining and scaling your sales process.

> Read our Medium post on techniques to help you strengthen relationships with consumers.

> Replace your Sales Funnel with this Sales Flywheel.
Article | Guide

> Spend time with this in-depth post on creating a sales process for your team that converts prospects into customers.

> Use this template to outline your company’s sales strategy in one simple, coherent plan.

Learn how lead generation fits into your inbound marketing strategy and easy ways to get started.

> Close your next deal using this Sales Pitch presentation template.

Check out this article for tips, secrets, strategies, and mistakes to avoid when scaling your sales team.

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