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The Builders Series is focused on helping individuals and teams strengthen and grow their existing organizations.

With the help of cross-industry experts, educators, and hand picked mentors, the Builders Series takes a deep dive into topics crucial to building and growing a business. Each session will focus on a different business area and provide advice, best practices, case studies, and tools that can be implemented immediately. The Builders Series is free and takes place the last Thursday of each month from 5:30PM to 7:00PM at Ascender in East Liberty, Pittsburgh.

Who Should Attend?

I have an idea

I've started a company

Iā€™m growing a company

Our 2019 Curriculum

Sales | 06/27/2019

Sales for Startups: How to Tame Difficult Challenges

David Radin
CEO of M. Masters Corporation

Date 2/28/2019
Theme Creating a Mission
Topic Branding
Description Speaker: Cynthia Closkey, Partner at Shift Collaboration
Date 3/26/2019
Theme Team Culture
Topic Management
Description Speaker: Alex Schwall, Ph. D, Co-Founder of Rhabit Analytics
Date 4/25/2019
Theme User Experience and Design
Topic UX/UI
Description Speaker: Carol Smith, Sr. UX Researcher at Uber ATG
Date 5/30/2019
Theme Public Relations
Topic Marketing
Description Speakers: Markowitz Communications
Date 6/27/2019
Theme Sales Challenges
Topic Sales
Description Speaker: David Radin, CEO of M. Masters Corporation
Date 7/25/2019
Theme Financial Modeling
Topic Goal-Setting with Models
Description ā€”
Date 8/29/2019
Theme Raising Capital
Topic Investor Strategy
Description ā€”
Date 9/10/2019
Theme Social Capital
Topic Social Networks
Description ā€”
Date 11/20/2019
Theme End of Year
Topic Networking Celebration
Description A year end celebration

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