Ascender offers thoughtful and practical programming to stimulate innovation through exposure to new ways of thinking, industry crossover, budding technologies, and acclaimed thought leaders. This ongoing exposure is an invaluable asset to individuals and entities as they move their organizations forward.

Thank you to all who attended and supported Ascender programs in 2017.

We will be taking a short break to focus on our 2018 Incubator Application

The Starters and Builders Series will return in February of 2018. 

Starters Series:

In partnership with Pittsburgh’s acclaimed thought leaders, the Starters Series at Ascender provides a first look into the most crucial elements of starting a business or organization. In line with our monthly themes, the Starters Series targets individuals and entities from ideation to early execution, providing a compelling educational experience on each curated topic. Join Ascender the second Tuesday of each month as we explain proven strategies and explore new tools and techniques driving success.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Builders Series:

At Ascender, our Builders Series is hyperfocused on helping individuals and entities strengthen their existing organizations. With the help of cross-industry experts, educators, and hand picked mentors, the Builders Series takes a deep dive into the most pressing issues that face growing companies in the Pittsburgh area. Attend our Builders Series the last Thursday of each month to experience for yourself how an in depth conversation can provide a new outlook on your organization.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Monthly Themes/overview:

Programming at Ascender revolves around carefully chosen monthly topics. From business modeling to finance or sales, our experienced team has selected subjects that are most vital to starting and building successful entities. Each month, Ascender hosts a topic-focused Starters Series and Builders Series. These two events engage participants in hands on learning, thought-provoking discussions, and collaborative problem-solving. In addition, Ascender hosts Roundtable Talks. These intimate conversations with industry professionals provide an outlet for starters and builders to discuss the issues keeping them up at night.

Roundtable Talks:

Ascender gets up close and personal with our Roundtable Talks. Once a month, take a seat  at the table to learn first-hand from skilled professionals in the field related to our monthly topic. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask their most burning questions, while learning from the experiences of others.