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Ginny Beck


Operations Manager

Ginny Beck is Ascender’s Operations Manager, which means coordinating the ins-and-outs of operating the Ascender organization and the collaborative coworking space in East Liberty.  She manages everything from making sure the sparkling water is flowing to ensuring data on outcomes is reported to stakeholders, and many other items in the nooks and crannies in between.

With more than 12 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Ginny’s focus is on getting things done in the context of a healthy and supportive management style, all while prioritizing equity, efficiency, and creativity. Directly before coming to Ascender, she spent nearly 6 years working out of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Office of Programs and Partnerships, where one of her proudest accomplishments was establishing, managing, and securing sustainable funding for the all-volunteer Reading Buddies program at 13 library locations across the city.

She loves working at Ascender because of the opportunity to collaborate with a fast-thinking, fast-moving team to support a wide array of entrepreneurs. She believes in expanding the traditional definition of who is considered an entrepreneur to anyone hustling to get something done that they believe in.

Outside of her work at Ascender, Ginny works part-time as a consultant with Work in Progress consulting, assisting nonprofits and small businesses on operational, strategic, and social media marketing projects. She’s also the lead volunteer of the Grants and Fundraising Committee for Sisters PGH, a local nonprofit focused on equity and resources for Pittsburgh’s Trans and nonbinary communities, and a longtime volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh.