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Choosing the Right Professional Events

At Ascender, we understand how valuable an entrepreneur’s time is. We have compiled a few tips to help the new businessperson navigate the often times overwhelming world of choosing the right professional events.   Is the Professional Event Relevant? The first step toward deciding which… Read more »

Meet Ascender Incubation Program Alumni

Meet Our Incubator Alumni – Rhabit, CameroonFDP & Knotzland

At Ascender, we often use the term, “industry agnostic,” to describe the type of companies that come through our annual incubator program. But that’s just fancy way of saying Ascender welcomes all types of companies, of all shapes and sizes — including nonprofits, social enterprises… Read more »

Ascender After Your First Networking Event

After Your First Networking Event

In previous posts, we’ve gone over how to prepare for your first networking event as well as what to expect and do once you are there. However, just because the networking event is done, it does not mean your work is over. Knowing what to… Read more »

Ascender First Networking Event

During Your First Networking Event

In a previous blog, we discussed some of the best ways to prepare for your first networking event. Now that you’ve done all the research to ensure you’re maximizing your networking experience, it’s time to actually do it. Feeling a bit overwhelmed once you arrive… Read more »