Ascender elevates the start/build ecosystem in Pittsburgh by strategically identifying, developing and integrating the conditions for success. From fledgling tech companies, healthcare innovators, and nonprofits to makers, creators, services and shops, we see the importance of raising the sea level of entrepreneurship in Pittsburgh so that innovators of all kinds will thrive.

As the intersection for starters/builders, key thinkers, mentors, funders and service providers, we serve as a hub of connectivity, programming, and experienced insight, adding real value to the start/build ecosystem and moving people and entities toward success.

Pittsburgh is uniquely positioned to grow as a destination for innovative self-starters. Ascender is located in East Liberty, in close proximity to Bakery Square, the region’s major Universities, and many established and emerging entrepreneurial ventures.



Vice President of Corporate Dining & Retail Development for Eat’n Park Hospitality Group